Girl I was into (and thought was into me) deleted me?

So I'm so confused, she deleted me on snapchat and we haven't fallen out or anything I don't get it. We work together but work on different days so I see her like once a week but I haven't seen her for two weeks, and noticed that she randomly deleted me on snapchat and I'm very confused. We get on really well which is why it makes no sense but whatever. I feel awkward about seeing her next now seeing as she obviously had a reason for doing it.


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  • Maybe she didn't want you to look at what she posts. If she posts racy stuff maybe she feels you can report her in or get her in trouble. Maybe it can be that or something else. Sometimes people delete people for no reason.

    • Yeah that's true as well I was thinking she might not want me to see certain things

    • Yes I think she doesn't want you to see certain things she posts.

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  • Are you certain she liked you?

    • Well she acted like she did but I don't know

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  • Maybe you did something to upset her and she deleted you to let you know about it.

    Maybe she has pics with a guy she is talking to or dating and doesn't want you to see.

    Maybe it was an accident.

    Maybe you're over thinking it.

    • Yeah.. Maybe haha

    • She wouldn't be talking to a guy though

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  • Have you thought about asking her what the problem might be?

    • Well no not really, wouldn't that make me look a bit desperate?

    • In that case, since you have no idea what the reason may or may not have been, forget it. Stop racking your brain trying to figure it out. It will all become clear in time and is probably nothing. You'd do well for yourself to read The Four Agreements.
      Especially #2&3

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