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She's in the military (mutual friends got us talking) so our contact has been limited. When we do talk, I find her difficult to read. She's never given me the "go away" vibe but she never reciprocates any flirting. It's never shot down, but never returned. I sort of gave up but a month later she messaged me saying she's coming home soon and would like to get together. I agreed, but as per usual, the convo ended abruptly and we've had no contact since (expected, given the occupation). I took this as good thing because my interest has been clear so I would assume she wouldn't want to just meet up to be nice (especially since she initiated). However, lately I'm starting to have my doubts. I've also noticed she doesn't have any issue flirting with some of the guys on her status updates and such. My friend's told me she doesn't have any real experience dating, but she's not really insecure so I find the whole her being shy to be wishful thinking.


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  • she is dangerous