Does he like me and what should I do? Read below and opinions?

so one of my best friends, we'll call him bob. He has a girlfriend but she is a major hoe and always flirting and kissing other guys but he doesn't know. I really like him and he knows that and everybody thinks that he likes me back and they all think he should break up with his girlfriend because he doesn't deserve that bad treatment. He always tells me that I am "gorgeous as fuck" or beautiful and stuff like that. He's very protective of me. He gives me long hugs, where as he gives other people very quick short hugs. He puts his arm around me a lot and we have almost kissed so many times. A few times, he's said "kiss me" (not in a demanding kind of way at all) and I haven't been able to tell if he is joking or not. The most recent times, he said to kiss him and we both leaned in and we were about to kiss when this other girl literally pulled him away. That happened twice. Do I kiss him? I don't want to be known as the girl who kisses other girls boyfriends. Do I wait until they break up? He said he wants to make their relationship last possibly until graduation which is three years but I don't think it will last that long. What do i do


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  • You are not a chick on the side and should eliminate any intimate contact. He had a girlfriend and sounds like using her. He knows she is cheating on him and is brushing up on you trying to cheat to get back at her. You are not second best and not the exception in case things don't work out. If he really didn't want her he would not wait until graduation to dump her. He is telling you what he wants you to hear so he can have you as another option. Your friendship with him is base on a back up plan and I would keep space between you and him. You don't sound like his girlfriend and don't let whatever she does for and to him roll over on you.