Girls, Are ladies consciously trying to dress hot when they go out in a short skirt or shorts?

I never thought of it like this before but I was talking to a female friend about it and she said that when girls dress in a short skirt or pair of shorts they are definitely doing it to look hot, since they picked an outfit that they knew would be revealing and shaved their legs. She said older women do this too.

So I wanted to get a wider perspective on this. Does this apply to ladies in general, or only to some? If a lady is wearing a short skirt out (and she looks good in it), is it safe to assume that it's no accident that she looks hot that day, or was at least trying to? I know that nobody leaves the house wanting to look bad but there's a difference between looking neat and presentable, and looking hot/sexy.

Also, I'm not saying ladies do this for guys, I understand you have your own reasons for dressing up.

Ah, I was thinking that most females probably wouldn't admit to this (if it is true for them) so I probably shouldn't bother asking but I thought hey I have nothing to lose, so why not ask anyway...


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  • girls like to look attractive, more simple than it seems, the complex part is why, do they want self confidence? or a hookup? or just attention from guys, even as small as getting them to look at her, or was it the only skirt that was clean, its not a black and white situation, but telling a girl she looks pretty can really fit into any situation, hope that helps!


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  • Yes. Same reason why muscular men wear fitted t-shirts or sleeveless shirts.

    I love showing off my long and muscular (but still feminine) legs and ass in a nice skirt or shorts.

    It's not trying, just feeling good in what I'm wearing and knowing I look good.

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