He wants to have a serious talk with me?

me and this guy from one of my classes at university asked me to go on a date with him to the cinema. We went and we ended up kissing. We ended up sleeping together last night, totally unplanned (at least on my part) and now he's sent me a message saying he wants to have a serious conversation with me but said he's too tired to do it now, and I'm freaking out. What could it be?


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  • 1. that he wants to make you 2 exclusive
    2. lets face it, the possibility exists that he wants to say that it was an one-time thing or something.

    option 2 would make him kinda a dickhead, especially because he very well knows he is making you freak out by saying that he wants 'a serious conversation' and then finding it not important enough to just say it right away.

    buttt. a serious conversation sounds like something longer then just the words 'it was a mistake'. A dickhead would probably say it straight away so I think there is a big chance you have one of the goodguys and he wants to say something more positive. :) and he probably is freaking out himself rn or he just wants to make you a little nervous which can be extremely exhausting for you but funny for him (my boyfriend does it al the time but in the end its always fun for both of us).

    Either way I would just listen to some music to get your mind off of things and keep busy until he says what he wants to say. Whether that is positive or negative, it won't help a thing by being all stressed about the 'it could be...''s right now.