What kind of girl is this?

She added me on facebook we talked for a while ( as in a month or so ) she travels a lot, at least 4-5 times a year she goes clubbing , she has girl and guy friends and they all comment on her facebook and she hugs guys she knows who are not even her close friends, iam inclined to think that she's easy and the kind that is not really good girlfriend material but i was hoping to listen to your opinions as well.


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  • She seems like a very social human being. It's possible she'd be good girlfriend matierial if you're okay with her talking and assosiating with other men.

    • well some guys i bound to accept that it just happens to not be me

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  • She sounds normal. She could be a virgin or easy.

    Clubs 4-5 times a year means she barely goes.

    • no you got me wrong she goes to clubs often but travels 4-5 times a year and she's 21

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    • She doesn't strike me as a 'go to a park and chill' kind of a girl to me. ;)

    • hahahhaha probably not, chasing girls is not really my style so if she texts me back one day iam going to ask her out properly if not then she is not interested and no need to waste my time.

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  • She is a social butterfly and can easily get along with people. The comments and hugs are a sign she is really liked by others. As long as she isn't sleeping around you shouldn't worry

    • thats why iam asking all these signs usualyl indicate the girl sleeps around, very very few girls dont and she doesn't seem one of them...

    • Unless you have heard or seen any signs of that notion you are fine

  • if she travels a lot then you won't have time to create a bond withher at least not enough and hugging every guy that's a bit too much so.. notsure if she's the right person for you.

    • well i never really considered her for any long term things tbh her personality doesn't really attract me at all besides she has guy friends which is a no no for me i have friends who have female friends and it does not end well, also travelling a lot and being lots of things means she needs lots of money to spend and she probably gets laid quite a lot, cause lets face it when you travel so much you're bound to hook up few times...

    • no depends on the person some girls enjoy genuinly traveling exploring culture food unless her travs are the kind of hardcore partying and sleeping everywhere then yes I guess so. if u don't like her personality then why bother? there u go you have your answer :)

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