We broke up... now I have his baby... and then this happened?

Ok, so we were together around 2 years. Things were pretty good (most of the time) up until a point where I felt things were getting too serious, and panicked. I tend to worry too much.

Anyway, about a 2 months after we'd split up, I found out I was almost 5 months pregnant. At this point, things were very hostile between us and I think we were both shocked at the idea of becoming parents.

I think he had wanted to get back together when he found out I was pregnant? He started making big efforts again, but due to the situation, I just wanted to focus on having the baby.

I let him come to the birth, he was brilliant all the way through, and we had a little girl. We instantly fell in love with her.

He's been coming round everyday to see her and is finding it hard to leave her after visits. He's been taking care of me too. Last night, he really didn't want to leave. So I let him stay over, since, I do still love him.

I let him share my bed and we cuddled and even kissed gently. He seemed happy to be with me and even got up through the night with the baby.

I still love him, and I think he might love me too. Reckon we should start over?

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  • Sounds like you broke up for a stupid reason in the first place

    • It was, kinda. A lot of it was my fault :/ we did have a huge argument though and were pretty nasty to each other.

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  • I think you definitely need to talk it over but I think that if the only reason you broke up was that you got a bit spooked you were too serious, that's kinda... Done with now. I mean, how much more serious can you get than taking care of a newborn together, right? :P If you can stay calm and enjoy that with him, I don't see why you couldn't enjoy a relationship too, y'know? You might have matured a bit over your pregnancy (congratulations on the baby by the way!). Before you rush into anything, talk it over with him but if you both want to get together, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't.

    • I know! It's so... weird. I was so freaked about getting serious (he wanted marriage, babies and stuff) and then I ended up actually falling pregnant. It's uncanny haha. But yeah, there's not much I can do now since I don't think it could get anymore serious. I reckon we'll talk pretty soon, we've just both been so exhausted lately. Thanks for the advice ☺️

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  • Try and talk it through. Communication is the key word here. Don't hold back. Just talk and keep talking. Find common ground, like your daughter, and build on that.

    • Thanks. The communication was what broke down in the first place :/

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