First meeting from online dating?

I have a first meeting with a guy I met from online dating and am really nervous. We hit it off over email and the phone but I'm still a little anxious. We're meeting at a local diner for lunch, very casual. Any advice for what to wear?

Guys would you be nervous meeting a girl for the first time for a potential relationship?

Any advice will help! Thanks


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  • Hey I met two guys off of an online dating site so I know what its like. I wasn't really THAT nervous because the guys actually turned out to know some people I knew. We had talked a lot on the phone and online that by the time we met we were already comfy with each other. Its normal to have some jitters before the first date since you never have in person, but once you see each other officially in person it goes away right away. Lunch is a great idea, obviously you don't have to get TOO dressed up. I would wear jeans and a cute top. You will be fine once you finally have done the inital hello trust me :)


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  • have 6-10 beers before dinner to loosen you up..

    but seriously, its just another person. no need to get all worked up, just relax and be yourself.


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  • Thats funny that I came across your question because I just had a blind date today with a guy from an online dating website. We went to a movie because I told him that I didn't think I was ready for all this since this was my frist time going on one of those sites and I wasn't comfortable having a blind date so he brought up going to a movie instead. I agreed to that, we talked a little before and after the movie. We hit it off on the phone and stuff and even after our date today, yay! = ) That we set up another one for tomorrow to get to know each other better. I just wore jeans a nice sweater and a fleece over it. Nothing too special...but good luck on your date! You should be worries

  • That's really dangerous I recommend not even meeting him. You could be raped or stalked. Or even worse, killed.