Guys, boyfriend texting and snapchatting girl he just met, why? And what should I do?

He's a security guard and meets a lot of people. He recently met this girl and they were messaging on fb then when we were looking at his phone together, he got a text from her. I think they're also snapchatting.

Should i I be concerned? I know he's allowed to have friends but I'm insecure. He's been treating me SO incredibly well the past 4 months so I don't know if he's interested in her, because he would be treating me poorly if he was... opinions please!


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  • If my girlfriend would be doing that with a random guy she's met, I would be concerned and ask some questions about it. Don't attack him about it but just ask him about it and tell him what's on your mind. I just don't see the point since I don't believe in pure friendship between boys and girls ( I believe one end up always expecting more).

    • How do I bring it up? I only know because I was nosey

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    • Ok thank you :) I'll do that.
      He called me last night and we were on the phone for 25 minutes even though He stayed over and left at 11:30 that day. I think he's just after ego boosts because he wouldn't call me after he spent the last 12 hours with me too?

    • Well you are right , even if he's not attracted to her , he might enjoy her attention. However the only point is just to make sure it doesn't go any further! But if doesn't act so distant with you and if you're having a great relationship I don't think there might be a problem. But you're the one knowing if i'm right or not!

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