How should I talk to him?

See I added this guy to Facebook We talked once in person and we saw each other again in person but we didn't talk I find it strange or maybe he is mad at me the day I saw him the next morning he was on the little chat thing do you think he wants me to talk to him because before he never went on the little chat he would just stay there online for like a few minutes...and log off should I talk to him because I don't want him to think I'm mean or fake or anything how should I talk to him...

since you people view this you should like help me thank you for everyone who does.


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  • Talk to him on online or if you seem him agen go up too him or if got his num text or call him

    • I do talk to him...i did put I miss so an so on fb maybe he thinks I'm still into him when I'm not..... because it was strangley akward he wouldn't look @ me....

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