Should I take it as a joke and move on?

So its been almost a year since this happened and I'm pretty sure we weren't actually boyfriend/girlfriend at the time but my boyfriend does construction and he had said "This girl flagger was so hot. My friend and I were gonna ask if we could take her out to dinner" and laughed about it.. His friend had a girlfriend of 6 years and they're now engaged. I'm pretty sure it was a joke.. but how would you feel about this? This was about a year ago and we weren't dating.. what do you guys think about this?

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What Guys Said 1

  • If you weren't dating I really don't see the problem here, except about his friend but indeed , he wasn't serious. It sounds strange that you are bringing up something that happened a year ago , why is that? I'm an industrial electrician and almost all my coworkers have stable relationship but since we're all boys , they do call it out when they see a cute girl but it isn't nothing more than that. Don't stress about it.

    • Because I worry.. I know its so stupid to bring it up even though it was a year ago.. Some stuff just bothers me.. But thank you for your help and opinion!

What Girls Said 2

  • He was Probably Kidding and May too Have just Tried to Get a Rise out of you.
    I would Not say it was a Red Flag Sign, and as Long as He is only Wining and Dining You... Let the "Hottie" Rest in her Stance, there was Never a Chance for Romance.. You have him Now.
    Good luck. xx

    • Pretty sure it was a joke. And you're right, he tried to get a rise out of me... thank you for your opinion!

    • Oh, so welcome and happy to help. xx

  • Sorry I meant to choose yes. It was in the past, he probably forgot about it. I would take it as a joke.

    • Thank you! I agree it was a joke, because knowing him a year later now, he jokes a lot. I just get worried a lot