Girls, She's never had a boyfriend before, and she says she's not ready for a relationship right now. Should I wait?

We've been friends for over a year and a half, and I finally worked up the nerve to tell her how I feel. She never had a boyfriend before. We were together for a while and went on a few dates, she always said what a great time she had. One day she calls me and says she's not ready for a relationship right now, but she still thinks the world of me and still wants me in her life. She says she felt bad because I was trying my best in the relationship and a lot of times she felt that she didn't have the time to give me the attention and time I deserved. She says I did nothing wrong and told me not to change. She said "please tell me we can still be friends" which makes me kinda feel like she still wants me in her life. I said we can be friends as long as she agreed to one condition, which was that if she ever does feel ready and comfortable then to give me a second chance. She said of course. I really love her. Should I wait for her?


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  • You should not wait. You should move on. She wants you in her life because she desires your attention. She is not that into you, otherwise she would give you a chance.

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