Should I just give up on him?

The guy I like just graduated this year and I'm going to be hopefully seeing him one last time on Tuesday, because we have an exam that day. I never really noticed him last year, as I was a sophomore and he was a junior. We were in band together, but I never saw him around and he is very shy. This year however, I became friends with his best friend who would constantly talk about him and make him sound like the greatest person ever. I began to develop a crush on him.

We went on a band trip and that allowed me to get to know him better, which made me like him even more. My friends would tell me that I could do better, but I think he's pretty fucking great. I usually never make a move, but I really didn't want to lose him, so I told his friend I like him. His friend went on to tell him, even though I told him not to.
Panicking, I sent him a message telling him that I do like him and I didn't want to creep him out or anything and that I wanted to get to know him better. He hasn't replied to the message and its been about three weeks. I've tried my best to avoid him, but I was forced to be in the same room as him at the farewell party. During the party he and his friend (the one who told him) were sitting together and would occasionally whisper things to each other as they stare at me, which I feel is a clear indication that they were talking about me.
I talked to one of my female friend who knows him well, she said that he usually has a hard time with girls and that he was probably shocked to find out that an actual girl likes him and doesn't know how to react. So, maybe I didn't do anything wrong?
Despite this, I still like him and I feel like maybe, just maybe I still have a chance. Tuesday is probably the last day I will be seeing him and I don't want to miss the opportunity to make a move. What should I do? Does he seem not interested?


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  • 2 options. Be direct and ask him or ask his friend what he thought about your message


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  • He could very well be be this Coy Boy here, dear, l and with his 'Female freind who knows him' the Best of from the Rest, he probably is this Shy Guy.
    Go ahead and just ask him if he Read your 'Message,' even though you know the story. It will perhaps break the Nice Ice and you can also Find out if maybe he might want to hang out sometime?
    You can Also Add that you didn't mean to come across as Creepy or Crawly but it is Nice to know Someone So... Nice. Feel it out and see if there might be Chance for a little Romance.
    And if he seems still Not so Responsive, Move on. It shows he will be Boring as well when Out and About.
    Good luck. xx

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