So this chick I like told me I was coming on to strong and im to intense?

and all I have been doing is sending her messages over Facebook and text message also she added me and asked for my number. after talking a bit I let her know how I felt about her and she seemed to like me as well we have been talking for a few weeks and we set up a date and she canceled because she had a sinus infection which I new she had so under stood then we set up a quick coffee date a week later then she canceled because she had her period then 2 days later she tells me. LOOK I DONT KNOW HOW TO PUT THIS SO THAT ITS THE NICEST WAY POSSIBLE BUT YOUR COMING ON TO STROUNG AND WAYMORE INTENCE THEN IM COMFORTABLE WITH. IDONT THINK THAT IM COMFORTABLE OR WANTING ANTHING MORE THEN FRAINDSHIP WITH YOU AT THIS POINT. IM SORRY IM JUST NOT INTERESTED. is there anything I can do to get her interest back. we have talked a lot and shared some pretty personal things with each other and I really like this girl. was I wrong to make time talk with her. I never repeatedly messaged her if I sent her a message she all ways responded with in a few minutes if she wasn't working or in class. what do I do

can anyone help me please


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  • Is she a catfish or something?

    • what do you mean by this?

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    • I'm sorry :( you sound like a nice guy and she sounds a little strange

    • I I'm a nice guy haven't really had a relationship or anything before first one was a disaster

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  • You give her space and you're understanding. Sadly, I think she's just not into you the way you're into her. Best advice, accept it and move on. Maybe she just ain't meant for you and there's no need to risk getting hurt.