You are at the urinal and someone else comes next to you and?

You are pissing in the corner and another person comes in and starts pissing directly straight ahead and is splashing everywhere, You are also full and can not stop for another 20 seconds, you are getting splashed, what would you do?

  • Ignore it, its only piss
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  • Tell him to stop splashing his piss on you
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  • Turn around and start splashing aswell
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  • back up and piss from a distance
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  • piss on him
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  • other
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  • Probably turn around still unholstered and start a bathroom brawl with him with piss still flying everywhere


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  • Probably scream expletives at him and catch with my elbow and beat him down while my piss flies everywhere.

  • This is why I prefer to use a stall.

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