Ruined no contact with ex... Any advice please?

My ex and I split up in December. He was under a lot of stress as was i and we fought constantly.
We went no contact and he tried to call me several times over the past month.
Two weeks ago we started talking again and he asked me to meet up with him. I couldn't as a I was away on holiday.
hw then said how much of a good person I am.
Badically to make a long short we started arguing again via text and I asked him to meet he said he couldn't as he was going on vacation.
i went out for dinner with friends and when I came back had several missed calls from him.
He then sent me several messages saying how happy he is things are over with me and other things too.
This weekend I sent him a few messages and tried to call him but no answer.
i feel so stupid for doing that as he's now ignored me.
i did this because I love him and want him back and he also confided in me via text that he's depressed and I care for him and his wellbeing.
Should I go NC again even though he initially reached out, or should I try to call him again in a few days?
We lsat spoke 4 days ago

Thanks ladies for your feedback.
He was so angry with me over the misses called but I was working and busy.
I sent him a couple of emails post BU that he ignored then I went NC and there he was ringing me a month later.
I'm sure he will get in touch again.
I'm angry with him that he ignored me when I needed to talk to him.
I'll see how I feel in a few days... But knowing him and how he is he will be the one coming back x


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  • Yes girls will answer to you he is not the right guy to increase your self confidence, which is limitation of a lot of people so now you think the guilt is in him and you will wait he to reach you, which is pointless.
    If you love him and want to have something, go directly to his home, work or etc and tell what you feel, all other methods are useless.
    Good luck.

    • Thanks.
      I really don't want to go to his home or workplace.
      I know he still cares for me otherwise he wouldn't have bothered to get back in touch and plus, some of the things he was saying indicated that.
      We ended up getting into an argument the other day.
      I'm not making excuses for him but he is under a lot of stress with finding new employment etc.
      I sent the last text and phonecall and its up to him now.
      I'll leave it a week and then call him again x

    • Agree with you, could you give me an advice in my situation? I can type pm

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  • Let him have his tantrum and then contact him in a few days. if he still ignores you he's not worth it xx

  • He definitely sounds like the kind of guy you're better off without... I mean if a bunch of missed phone calls are enough for him to change his mind on your relationship I think he should take care of his problems before starting a romantic relationship with someone else and bring you down with him