I like him even tho he rejected me twice should I tell him I still like him?

So I like this amazingly sweet guy he found out I like him so he txted me and said that he likes someone else which was a lie bc his best friend told me he says that so girls don't get attached to him so I said it's ok and I just wanted to be friends with him so we txted a little cause I started dating one of his friends and I told him I only liked him as a friend but then me and his friend broke up and he txted asking why and I told him and then my best friend txted him and told him that me and him will cute together so he said to her "why would I date her if she doesn't like me" she told him I liked him and he txted me asking who I liked so I told him and he lied again saying he's dating someone but again his friend said that he lied bc he never dates and I still like him a lot I mean we're friends now we're closer then ever we text 24/7 we don't talk face to face bc he said he's not ready to talk to me yet but we text a lot sometimes I can't reply to him I just leave him on read so he text me again and says something about something else and that's kinda confusing cause like y would u keep txting me soo much if u don't like me? I just wanna tell him I still like him but am really afraid of getting rejected again I just don't know what to do what should I do?


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  • He is not interested in you. Both of the times you asked him out, he used an excuse to avoid it.

    • True but now he just txted me saying he was worried about me cause of something that happened last week then he said he has something for me and he wanted to know if he should slid it through my locker or give to me by hand which is confusing because last time I checked he said he didn't want to talk to me around his friends but now all of a sudden he wants to give it to me by hand what should I say?

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  • Sounds complicated. Life tends to be better when it's simple... I'd go find someone else!

    • I tried honestly but every time I try he's always there to stop me like not literally stop me but u know the way he'll text me or something

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    • actually - seen your under 18... scratch that! Club Penguin...

    • Lml am not desperate to use Tinder

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