Partner hasn't spoken to me in a week and was very rude and mean, then drops a bombshell that he's already booked flights to Spain for a month :( ?

I am with my boyfriend 5years this June, I love him with all my heart but he has really really hurt me. Basically when we do argue he ignores me for a week and won't talk to me, last Thursday we had a little arugement because he didn't like something I said. He told me to fu*k off and not to speak to him and he said your a selfish bit*h so he didn't speak to me for the week. I sat by my phone waiting and crying for him to come back. Last night I was so so upset and just thinking about everything he has said and done so I got up got dressed and walked to his. I rang him and said can we talk I'm outside he said ' fu*k sake I'm busy like why couldn't u have giving me a warning!' I said please for 5 minutes ' he said ' right miss fuc*in selfish be down now ' he came out and before I said anything he said ' by the way I booked tickets to Spain for a month yesterday ' I just froze I couldn't belive it. He said ' and I can't wait to get away from you and this place for a month' I don't even no who he's going with or anything. I said ' iv been waiting for you for the week to talk to me I was crying at this point ' he said ' I'M NOT ASKING YOU OR TELLING YOU TO WAIT FOR ME EVER !!!' that really just hurt my heart I felt like I couldn't even breath. He said ' I wanna be with you but your to selfish you only care about your self ' he said ' you try and force your feelings on to mine? He said it's all my fault for everything that has happened, when I was crying and talking he was like ' stop calm down your embarrassing me here. 5years being with him me and him have never gone away in the summer ever. He always goes every year with the lads. He looked at his watch and said ' 5mins is up now' and walked into his. I walked home. crying. Please please help me. I'm truly heartbroken. He said Spain was only ment to be a few days but he wants to stay away longer from me. I'm honestly so sad please anyone have advice


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  • Wow.. This relationship doesn't sound nice. I don't know if you're actually selfish or why he says that but even if you are he talks to you badly and you're selfish so walk away. If you're not, even more reason to walk away.

  • Is this a serious post? Stop being a doormat!

    • Course I'm being serious? I just need advice 😣 I no I'm being a doormat but it's so hard because I love him so much

    • Don't you see? He is bullying you. You are in an abusive relationship! No one is allowed to insult you like that. I know you think you love him but at this point he is causing you more pain than he is making you happy. You need to let go of him. He doesn't care for you at all. When you love someone you can't be cruel to them but he has no feelings for you. You need to get your shit together and dump his ass. He is toxic! I know it's heart shattering to break up after such a long time but the pain will eventually subside and you'll find peace and happiness. And a better guy. This will only destroy you amd your selfesteem.