Am I on the right track with getting this girl. Any advice?

One of my friends became a fling last year and we slept together a couple of times and hanged out over a few weeks. I ended up coming off a bit too strong and she backed off a bit. She told my best friend that she likes me so I asked her out but she said she didn't want a relationship. I had fallen for her however so after a rocky few weeks we decided to just stay friends but it hurt me to see her with other guys. After Christmas she went on a date with another guy which obviously went badly, she opened up to me and said she's really upset, doesn't know what she wants and isn't sure about us two. She said she likes me but can't commit to me at the moment because she isn't stable enough. We agreed to carry on as we are and see what the future brings which she has said that she will make time for us two.

These past two weeks we have been closer to each other although Im keeping my expectations low. She texted me that she misses me a lot 2 weeks ago, even though it had only been a couple of weeks since we spoke in person. She texted me every day last week asking how my day was and what the plans were for the weekend (My birthday night out). I ended up meeting both of her sisters when I picked her up from her house and at the end of the night she stopped at mine, we only cuddled up in bed because it was 4am and my parents were only in the next room. But she does mention other guys texting her still and she asks me if I'm speaking or dating other girls. It's confusing but I want to know if her interest is building again and what my best plan is?


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  • You will not get her... she sees you as a friend now and this is it. A very attractive 'could do worse than him' friend... Sorry :( You need to move on as she will take advantage of your feelings.

    • You might be right but I have tried to move on. I have been dating other girls and she has seen me kissing other girls (I don't think she liked it). But I'm getting nowhere really. I'm just going to keep expectations low, keep some distance and try and get her to miss me even more again

    • if you have to play so many games to get this girl interested then its not going to last...

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