How to I get over this depression and my attempts of suicide over the girl I love?

So this girl and I were going a year strong. She already graduated highschool last year and I was graduating soon. I was leaving for college in the next couple months and I didn't want a long distance relationship. I loved this girl. So much. I came to the conclusion that I had to break up with her. So I did. Once we broke up, we still saw each other and had sex. So in some way we were just friends with benefits. She was somewhat having a hard time with the break up even though we were still hooking up. I on the other hand, was surprisingly doing okay. One day; one of my girls girls friends came up to me and told me that I was "fucking with her emotions" and that I needed to stop seeing her. The last thing I wanted was to hurt her because I loved her. So without even talking to her about it, I stopped seeing her. A week and a half went by and I texted her and asked her how she was doing and she told me how she met a new boy but they were "just friends". I didn't think much of it but it was in the back of my mind. by the way even though I was doing okay I was not even ready to look at another girl. Anyway, I forget the reason but me and her started arguing and she told me that her and the "just friend" kid hooked up. I lost it. I went into depression, started harming myself and tried to commit suicide a couple times because she hooked up with a new boy less then a month after we broke up. I think the reason I lost it was because I wasn't even close to being ready to move on because I loved her and I thought she was on the same page as me. That she couldn't move on. Well I guess she did move on and it wasn't that hard for her to do that. So people started telling me "if she got over you that quick she never loved you". thinking that I went into a deeper depression. A month went by and I somewhat started getting better. A little bit. I hadn't talked to the girl and I hadn't seen her in a month. Anyways one day at school I was with a friend eating lunch and I see this

beautiful girl come up and then I realize that it was my ex. I right then and there started crying and everything. She started running away and I got her and gave her a hug (a close friend of ours just passed away so we were all really fragile so I needed that hug for my friend that passed and for what's been going on with me). Crying in her shoulders, we sat down and talked for a couple hours. I missed class through all of it. I'm gonna skip a couple stuff but that night we got back together of
officially. Now, a month later, I still have depression and every five minutes I think of her and that guy in bed and it literally gets me so mad and upset I want to hurt myself. I got the girl back. Everything is back to normal. But I still think about both of them together and I want to kill myself. How can I get over this and be happy with her again? I'm willing to try a long distance relationship because i don't want to lose her. How can I over come this?


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  • You seem unsure at the beginning. Stsrt being true to your intentions for once. You are fiddling around with no real strong intentions.

    • If you say you love her, then be consistent with your actions to show that you do want her by your side

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    • Forget the past, you can't erase it. Love should always overcome obstacles if it us really love.

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  • Well I commend you. At least you had a girl and through all you could get to be with her again. I salute you. Wish I had done such things. Why you feeling sick like that? ask her straight if she likes the other guy as well. Did she build emotions for him while you were away.. etc. ask her. Be open.

    To overcome you need to stop doubting her. Thats what you are doing, if you get suspicious then it can ruin the relation and trust. Be open, ask her straight. Dont hold in your doubt and choke on it.

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