I'm 17, he's 23. Would I be looked down upon by his family and friends?

I know. It's illegal. You don't have to tell me again. My family doesn't mind, as long as I'm happy. I am actually very mature, very smart academically, and i know how to keep my priorities in check. I don't party, sleep around, or do any of those things that people my age are doing.
I really like him, and we have a lot in common. The age difference doesn't bother me, but I can tell it bothers him. I wouldn't blame him if it did.
We haven't had sex, in case you're wondering.
Anyways, I just want all to go well. I want his family to love me, and his friends to like me, but I feel like they'll just look down on us both. It's a little weird for me to go on their Facebook page and see all their pictures, and they all just look so... Grown. All of his friends are getting married, and just now having kids, etc. He's ready for that too. His last girlfriend, he proposed to.
I don't go from guy to guy, I've only had one real boyfriend and that was for 3 years. I just want to stick with one person only.
How would you feel? If you were his friends or his family? Do you think they'll all look down on me? I think he even looks down on me too from time to time, which isn't exactly the best feeling.

Ps: I just turned 17 a couple days ago


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  • Quite the opposite. Everyone will look down on him. It's kinda creepy if you think about it.

    Everyone knows that at 17 years old people are immature and inexperienced in life outside of childhood.

    At 23 people have had their own personal experiences with dealing with life as an adult.

    So of course any adult male that's interested in a girl that isn't even old enough for college is seen as a creeper.

    My advice is to stay in the shadows for a bit longer. If you guys last it out then come out with it. Do it for him because he will be seen as the predator.

    • Thanks for the Most helpful!

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  • It's illegal. He could get into serious trouble. Please just wait one year, PLEASE


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  • I wouldn't look down on you, I've seen bigger gaps at your age actually. But where I live it's not illegal... so, I think that you should try to balance things a little until you're 18 since it seems to be such a big deal in some places.

  • So in a few years you will be 20, he will be 26. Seen way bigger age gaps.
    As long as your family can accept it temporarily I don't see why you would have any problem in the future :)


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