My boyfriend says he sees a future with me, but?

When I mentioned moving in together someday (maybe in a year or so) , he says maybe. How can you have a future together but not want to live together? He says he loves me and I believe it because he shows it. We've been together about a year, we each have a child from another relationship. My last significant relationship ended more than three years ago and I didn't date for 2 years after that to work on me. His last relationship (his son's mom) was 8 years long never married, but engaged. She walked out... they split In early 2014 and we met about a year later. I'm assuming that's the issue of not wanting to move in quickly, I get it. But since that conversation, I feel like he pulled away a bit. It kind of saddens me. How do I approach this? Or do I just let him come to me?


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  • Let him bring that topic next time, if you keep remembering him he will probably feel pressured. Ask him again some months from now, like... 4... if he doesn't talk about it.

    If you trust him, them believe in his word when he says he wants you in his life.

    Good luck.


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