Should a girl pay for first date or most of the dates when yal go out?

I've always felt if I do too much like pay for a first date or most of them I will end up getting used or only seen as a woman who is willing to pay a man for his time, but it seems like rules are changing and I see more and more women paying for these things and wanted to know how do guys feel to be the one getting chosen. Like doesn't it take away from the chase and change the role of how the relationship will be seen or handled in the future?


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  • Tough one, if you ask me i would rather the girl never pays anything if i am short on cash and she really wanna hang out then she can help me pay but if i have the money i would rather pay it doesn't matter first, second or tenth date its irrelevant, if i dont pay i dont feel its a date, it feels like hanging out with friends, maybe its me but i am like that, when i ask a girl out i tell her i dont befriend girls so she can be sure its a date and i pay for her.

    • That's how I feel it should be done as well... I told this guy one time that's how it should be done and thought I was crazy he still paid for the date though but do think it had something to do with why we didn't end up together

    • well iam the guy and i should be acting like the guy its my thing to pay for a date and i honestly like it i dont mind as long as we dont go on expensive dates daily... you can't really tell a guy to pay unless he wants to he won't, and if he doesn't want to chances are he is not good boyfriend material, when you're ready to date you know that you're gonna spend money and its cool as the guys we have to spend money and as i said i make it known what are my intentions and if the girl asks why i paid i will tell her its a date.

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  • Whoever asks the other out should pay. I am against splitting the bill even with friends. I consider it kind of... I don't cheap.
    I prefer taking turns paying.

    • I consider it kind of... I don't know... cheap?*

    • I feel the same way... So if I don't want to pay u won't be getting invited

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  • I think the first date (or even first few) should be split between both of you.

  • if u pay u are exceptional and one with higher self esteem, whereas most of girls want daddy rather than a partner.

    • See that's the thing I would feel like that guy is looking for a mother figure or something

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    • I think most girls have in their mind that it's a man role to pay for her expenses and that if u don't get a man who can do so then you don't have a good man and some women are just users

    • why always men? why not girl at least just for sake of example? :P

  • STRANGE, that is EXACTLY how MOST men feel.

    • Lol so why not just skip the dating huh... I have compromised somewhat and am willing to at least pay for myself cuz I understand a person doesn't really know my intentions

    • I'm all for skipping the dating lol. I hate it.

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