Girls, i'm 21 years old and completely inexperienced.. Is it really bad?

Girls, i want an honest answer from you i'm 21 and still virgin (and worst, i have never even kissed a girl). And that's something that has been bugging me way too lot these days. So the question is this. If you were out on a date with a guy that you have been talking for a while and because he wants to be honest with you he tells you that he has never done anything with a girl before.. Would you still like him or that would completely turned you off? (P. S i'm a fine looking guy but the bad thing is that i'm way too shy)

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  • Not a problem at all.

  • In fact because you'd be good enough to be honest with me about it I'd probably like you more

  • 21 is still young by the way.

    If I liked him and we got along, him being a virgin is not a problem at all.