If you want to get real advices about dating, don't listen to/ask women themselves, instead ask men who experienced many dates with several women?

I remember reading this somewhere here on this site, so it got me wonder what you people think about this?

  • True, because women themselves don't know what they want.
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  • Bullishit, afterall you are dating the women, you are not dating that man who dates many women.
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  • I don't know, I know nothing about dating
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  • If you ask a man who has bad experiences with women , then all his advice on dating will be negative. It'll be enough to put a guy off dating for life LOL If a man has had a few good and bad relationships then his advice will be both be positive and negative. People tend to give advice and opinions based on their own personal experiences.

    I think most women do know what they want , they just make the mistake of assuming a guy knows exactly what she wants without having to tell him. So If a man wants genuine advice on dating , then it would make more sense to ask women because then the guy will have an idea of what women in general want and expect from a guy she is dating.


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What Girls Said 2

  • BS. That's completely irrational. All men are ultimately going to experience all interaction with women, , dissorted by their own expierence.
    for example, a guy who gets rejected might feel a woman was rude, when really she was polite. I'm sure you've heard the, women like to be treated like crab story? Well what those guys are really saying is that they don't understand why women choose the partners they do

    It doesn't make sense to ask men about how women feel because they can only try to make sense of women's reactions, rather than knowing why they react that way.

  • The best advice i ever got was from my older sister (a woman) and she has been through the best and worst but never has put any negative impact on dating/marriage... not all answers may be accurate from mens experience in dating, i guess it verifies from one person to another...


What Guys Said 2

  • Only partly true. Men can give you good advice, but if you find an honest woman who'll guide you, that would be way better. The problem is such an honest woman willing to give you REAL advice on how to win a woman's heart is VERY VERY hard to come across. I wish I knew a girl like that, ha ha!

  • Men who date a lot are a more reliable source of information on dating women then women are.

    Women who are highly self aware and honest are even better, but uncommon. That's not a slight on women - most men are ALSO not very good at describing what makes them feel attracted. That's why men insist they like natural low maintenance women before drooling over cakefaces in high heels at the club.

    Cakeface is not meant in an insulting way. As a self aware man, i will admit to finding, on occasion. heavy makeup pretty hot.

    • well since you seem to consider yourself honest and self-aware, what do like men then, if not natural low maintenance women?

    • @nalaa Oh, i was half kidding, though I'm probably above average.

      They like women who are attractive. They'd rather a woman who looks like a 9 when she rolls out of bed then one who looks like a 9 after an hour of work on her face, but of course, women don't choose that. Many guys don't like -heavy- makeup if they really notice it first, but most find women more attractive with some. They are happy with more feminine or more tomboyish outfits, as long as they're tight.

      Personality wise, i have no idea what most guys like. I have a bad tendency to fall for girls who border on depression.

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