Asked out but never heard back. should I ask the truth?

I very rarely fall in love and had a crush to someone after, maybe, ten years. I saw him on my way to work and was thrilled when I found out that we were working in the same place. Unfortunately, I was a short term visitor and had only a month to stay. Anyway, he asked me to go out with his friends (who are coming to the town) in the weekend. I immediately said OK. I was walking over the clouds! But he didn't mention any time or date. I cleared my whole weekend in the hopes of seeing him. He didn't call or text anything. Today, I learned from another friend that his friends are coming a month later. My question is "why did he ask me out and didn't call me back?" was he testing me? was he waiting a call from me? I'm leaving here in 3 days. So I know nothing will happen between us after this time and I'm dying to know the truth. Should I ask him why he didn't call me?

I asked him and he told he was tired. What kind of excuse is that?
Anyway, I loved him more than he could imagine.
I wish there has been only five minutes that I didn't think about him.


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  • call him not a big deal. maybe something important don't think too much until u don't know the truth.


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  • Maybe he was expecting you to call him. I think the right thing to do is to ask him why he didn't give you a call.