Advice for dating a guy you hardly get to see?

My boyfriend lives a hour and a half away. I know that's not super far but we're both busy, him especially. He is in university and works a full time job and a part time job. I'm in college in a fast track course so it takes up more time then normal college courses.

He always makes sure to see me each week but it's only ever on Monday night (this week he said Wednesday because the weather is bad tonight).

He comes for Monday night after work and stays the night, then in the morning when I have to leave for class he heads to his classes.

Well both live at home to help with keeping costs lower during school. So he has met my parents, but he doesn't want me to meet his yet. We have been dating for a month, he said that it's because his parents are divorcing so he doesn't feel it's a good time. I want him to introduce me so I'd be able to come to him, I'm less busy so it would mean we could see each other more if I could go their.

I randomly make little teasing jokes at him about how it would make it easier. He texts back a laugh then a comment on soon basically. We actually talked about it a couple weeks ago now and he said he promises that I can soon.

It doesn't feel like he is going to and I don't see how time of us dating changes anything with his parents. I really like him but it's making it hard especially when we just started dating.

I'd just like some advice on how to handle things, I've never dated someone that I didn't see more, I have dated people who live an hour away but we'd always spend a few days together because our days off were the same. So advice?


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  • Take thing a little slow but if it doesn't work move on!

  • Why are you rushing it's only been a month don't be so clingy

    • how is it clingy to want to be allowed at his house to make things easier for him?

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    • I did tell her right away she got really upset and i think she took him back honestly..

    • You'd be surprised how dumb girls are my best friend caught him red handed in bed with her and she still stayed after only dating 3 months

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