How do you know when it's worth fighting for a relationship?

I started dating this guy at the beginning of February and things were going really well. We were texting each other every day, and seeing each other a couple of times a week. Then, when I saw him this weekend, he said "I need to talk to you about something" .
He went through a bad breakup last year (she cheated on him - twice, and ended up leaving him). He didn't give me much more information but I know he took it pretty badly. He told me that when we're together everything is great, but when I leave, he feels empty, and it's not good at all.
Ultimatley, he said he thought the best thing was for us to stop dating so he could try and work through things.
This isn't what I want at all. From the moment I met him I knew it was something special. I was immediatley comfortable around him, and it feels like I've known him forever. This has never happened to me before, and I know he's so special. He acknowledged that what we have is good, and that he didn't want to end it, but he was worried about both of us ending up getting hurt.
I know that I can't do a lot. But I want to talk to him and try and figure things out. I've been absolutley miserable the last few days and I know I'll regret it if I just let him walk away.
So I guess what I'm asking is how do I know if it's worth fighting for him? And if it is, how should I go about talking to him?


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  • If you think he's worth fighting for (something tells me you do) then fight. He's just afraid you're gonna hurt him somehow. You have to tell him that's not the case. You have to tell him how important he is to you, that you want to be with him, and you'd never be like his ex and hurt him.

    He's pulling away out of fear so you can either let him leave or pull him back in. If he says he feels empty when you leave, he doesn't want you to leave. He wants the opposite.


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  • There's this saying that says "There is only one person that truly deserves your tears" if that applys to your relationship then its worth fighting for