How do I get him to commit and show me how he feels about me emotionally and romantically?

We met online and we've been hanging out every week for months and I found out after sex with him a few weeks back that he has trust issues because of being cheated on and he is working on himself and seemed to back off from wanting a relationship when I asked him if he saw me as girlfriend material, yet he says he loves hanging out with me and wants to get to know me more. He also says he doesn't "do" emotions but I said he can if he tries.
Are these things deal-breakers?
How do I get him to commit and show me how he really feels emotionally and romantically?


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  • Since you want him to commit and develop an emotional connection with you when he's already told you, straight up, that he's not interested in that and can basically see you as no more than a fuck buddy...
    yeah. I'd say those things are deal-breakers.

    • Honestly, the sex came really naturally and he still wants to do things with me and said he is totally fine with us not having sex anymore

    • okay... I don't know for sure but I mean- he may still be friendly but with even sex being off the table now, what does he even want from you aside from friendship? Sounds like he made it pretty clear by saying that he doesn't 'do' emotional things so best just ask him for an update, if anything.

  • He can't feel but only pain... Forget him, he is not reliable