I started talking to this girl, but all of a sudden she went cold on me, why?

I met her on tinder, and we hit it off. She GAVE me her cell number and later on found out we lived only 5 blocks from eachother. We texted for 2 days and snapchatted a couple times. Now she hasn't answered my last text from 2 days ago, and didn't reply to my snapchat from yesterday. Should i try to text her again? What made her go so cold all of a sudden?


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  • I don't think you should text her again. Wait for her to text you and if she does not, just move on. There could be a number of reason she stopped replying, it's not always something specific or something that you have done.

  • Something important came up and you should probably text her and ask if she's alright. And if she doesn't reply to that either she's dead or she doesn't want to talk to you anymore.


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