Is he mad at me for saying something about his daughter and how bad did I screw up?

I got into a disagreement with my guy. I told him that the only person he cared about in this world is his daughter and everyone else can go to hell. Then I called him a fucking ass hole. Everybody knows the same thing. He doesn't care about anyone else. I was told that before by many people. He's bitter and cold. Now he's not talking to me. I called him to stop by my work area to apologize but he never came. How much trouble am I in? I'm sorry if the truth hurts.
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I did not mean it in a bad way. Everybody says he doesn't care about anyone but her and there is no room in his heart for anyone else. I did not say anything bad about her.
I got the point I fucked up but how do I fix it?


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  • Is never a good idea to involve someones kids. The good parents will always put the kids first, is what they supposed to do. Many partners, mainly women, get jealous ( i say this for lack of better word) of their partners kids because they feel that the kid/kids gets all the attention. I totally get that but still when you enter a relationship with someone like this you just have to accept it. And who are those people that keep stirring it , of course the guy will put the child first you dont have to slaughter him for doing the right thing. At the moment you are the bitchy, jealous of a child girlfriend i am sorry to say. You better stop this or you will lose him

    • I think I already have.

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    • I called him to my area at work and he never came. I'm scared of looking crazy if I call him too much. I'm dropping those pot stirrers one by one. You're right I do have to evaluate if I want to be with a man with a kid. I never have. And I'm not sure I always want to be second best unless we can be no. 1 separately. I've been second best for too long. I really believe we are not going to recover. He is too angry.

    • The child comes first doesn't mean that he doesn't love you or that you are second. There are different things. If you learn to love the child he will greatly appreciate it and he will come closer to you and you will stop see it as competition for attention. I am not saying is easy, i have been the girlfriend and i am the single parent i can feel all sides. But if you want this relationship to work you just have to try.

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  • you apologize to him. You ask to meet with him via text or call him. If you have mutual friends ask them to tell him to meet with you. If he says no to all of these then just leave him alone. He most likely hates you then

    • I called him on the radio at work to please come to my department. He copied me back but never showed up.

    • i think you should move on

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  • honestly, you knew what you were getting into, and you're surprised?

    1) your man has a kid; therefore she, not you, will always be his priority (not to mention that bringing her into it when you know this is a terrible idea).

    2) depending on how long you've been together~ if it's been more than a year, he may try to make you "pay" for what you said before he forgives you, though my guess is that it's over.

    this is why i won't get involved with someone who has kids. you'll never be the guy's priority, and he'll always choose them over you; any mistake you make is amplified, especially if you commit the cardinal sin of referring to his precious peanut (other than to say that she's perfect, of course).

    that's not to say that you weren't wrong~ you shouldn't have brought his daughter into it. cut your losses and move on.


What Guys Said 2

  • If I were a parent I'd put my spawn before anyone myself included. If he's anythink like me you fucked up.

    • I would too put my child first too but he has shut himself off to love 100% because of what the ex did to him. He has put me through a very difficult year because of it. I think that is why I snapped.

  • So you're telling a father that he only has eyes for his child. Meaning that he is putting his daughter first? No shit Sherlock. I challenge you to find a parent that wouldn't let everyone else go to hell if the choice was their children or everyone else.

    So yeah, you indirectly insulted his feelings towards that daughter. You fucked up.


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