How should I contact her without scareing her?

Hello, i got this problem with my friends little sister, she flirts with me in person but when i try to contact her on Snapchat she doesn't replayt but i asked her if she had a boyfriend then she replayed to me saying no.

More on IRL, where sitting in the living rom and i cought her gaze at me , and when i got eye contact
she looks right in and smiles and play with her hair like a playful way..

But i dont know how i should read that, i mean she can just be nice but these 3 years i've seen her she just starting to do that


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  • word of the wise don't date family friends!

    • Yeah its true but i can't resist her.. she so pretty and nice..

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    • Well the question is about if she's just playing or she's flirting with me

    • Still best to not get involved! But do as you wish!

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  • First of all, you shouldn't ask someone whether they've a boyfriend. It can be easily coming from a place of neediness and insecurity. For some instance, if you want to make it diving deep rapport, seductive, you can use this question to ask.

    Ask her out, as soon as possible. Women have a ''attraction window'', once it's gone; it's gone.