Should I just leave the guy and the situation alone?

I met this guy online in 2014. and after 2 years of just chatting every single day, etc we finally decided to try being in a r ship so I know I'm taking a big risk but I want him to fly down to my state so I can show him to my family , but today I tried to tell my mother that I was dating a guy but she seemed disappointed that the guy was online and I've never met him before.. I tried to tell her that i really want to meet him and i want her and my dads support on this. she told me that it would be okay if I just stayed friends with him and that i shouldn't be looking for guys online. i wasn't even looking for a rltnshp but I feel like I'm making a mistake to liking him. I really like him and all but I don't want to upset my parents but then again I'm an adult. i want us to work, I know I'm young and I've been through bad guys but I really like this guy. do I just call a quits? I want to tell my parents so much about this guy but I know they are going to be so angry and mad and disappointed


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  • I don't see reason why u have to leave it. meet him in real life first maybe he's a good guy u always wanted or an asshole u never know. parent's too old to be an advisor to online things.


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  • honestly you can't trust guys online. i know he might seem trustworthy but you never knopw whos on the other side of the computer screen. i think you should meet him face to face but not alone. bring your friends along with you just in case he turns out to be someone completely different x

    • right! i dont think i should go alone

    • no just to be safe x also could you please post an opinion on my question bevcause im confused and i need help x thank you

  • If you really like him, then give it a chance. Just for the first time, make sure to meet him in a crowded place. You never know...

    • thanks! i think thats a great idea too

    • You're welcome!

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