Dear god I need some assistance. What on Earth should I do?

I met a girl in one my classes some time ago and this is the 2nd day we've sat by each other (this hasn't been a long thing going on). She's really pretty & kind. Well after we met she started popping up on my Tinder and I would always close the app when it got to her. Today in class I pulled my phone out & swiped her Right (which means yes). As I was getting ready to leave I said with a smile "we have some things to talk about" & she smiled and said yeah. I assumed she knew what I was talking about. She said she was free Thursday so I plan on talking with her about it but I find it all kind of funny but i'm nervous & all. She messaged me after class on Tinder & said "Wow so I didn't realize what you meant by we have some things to talk about I just kinda laughed but I assume this is the reason lol". Is she not interested or just trying to not sound creepy? Should I ask her out?
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  • Oh, I say she's interested. You go, dude!
    You be brave and get your girl. =)

    No wishing you good luck necessary - seems like you two already have some chemistry there (before the Tinder thing).


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  • If I respond does that imply that I am God then

  • keep talking to her is the only option to find it out, right? Also, I think she is really into you!


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