Why do some people ignore you after a fight?

I hate been given the cold shoulder after a fight. I'd rather just makeup and move on. Why are some people so hard on others after a fight? Why not just talk about it?

I need someone to explain to me why people do this, Do you blank your gf/bf after a silly fight? Do you do it too hurt them or because you need space?
  • Always better to talk the day of the fight clear the air
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  • Wait a few days till everyone is calm, I need the space to think.
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  • I ignore them cause I'm done with them.
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  • Other (explain)
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  • Most people generally do need some amount of space after a fight, but depending on the person, that amount and the duration of the amount can be very different. When it comes to emotional arguments, I definitely need a few hours of space from you. After those few hours, do NOT talk to me about it, either. I'm not even upset anymore (in fact I'm totally fine), I'm just completely over it and want to throw it under the rug like it never happened.

    When it comes to arguments about silly little things, I'll literally forget about it immediately after it happens. In fact I probably won't even consider it an actual argument, just a heated discussion, which I actually enjoy (I should be on a debate team).

    In general, though, no matter what your personal communication style is, it's not a good idea to keep talking to each other when emotions are running high. Either leave the room or just bring up another subject. Conversations go way smoother and are more productive when not done in an argumentative, heated format.


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  • I have such a short temper and hold grudges. which sucks. but I'm usually the one that ignores people's calls and them in person until I feel ready to talk.

  • It's because they're still pissed off

  • I don't like talking after a fight , I need a day or two.


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