Im gonna get dumped tomorrow.. How to handle the situation?

This guy I'm seeing wants to meet up with me tomorrow and talk about us. I had asked him over text if he wanted to keep seeing me and to be honest, and he said that we should talk about it face to face to avoid misunderstandings. I'm 99 % sure he's going to dump me - I'm really pissed and upset about it, but how should I react? Should I get mad at him, or should I hold my feelings back and just keep it cool and act like it doesn't bother me? What if I want to start crying? Should I hold the tears in (I don't wanna seem weak in front of him).. how should i handle it in front of him?


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  • Whatever you do, in front of him be strong BUT do not act bitchy - that will actually come off as weak. You can cry about it at home.

    • I'm usually not the type to act bitchy in these kind of situations.. thanks for the reply

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  • Remain very calm with a relaxed disposition then simply say, "Okay." then walk away. Even if you are not okay, don't say or do anything else. There are some situations in life where you must only speak on a need to know basis and say as little as possible despite whatever is going on inside. Getting dumped would be one of those situations.

    Save the angry tears and long dialogues where you process the situation for your best friends and most trusted confidants. Don't share that with the one who is leaving you, turning their back on you, and either completely disposing of your presence or demoting it because that would be massively diminishing to your pride. You would look back on it later and be embarrassed. The best way to ensure that you handle this disappointing situation with grace considering how genuinely upsetting it is would be to say little to nothing in response then walk away. Have one of your closest friends on standby when you leave for you to cry to but do not cry in front of him or try to change his mind because it will only make it worse.

    • In fact, by not revealing that passionate feeling you mentioned, it may actually puncture his ego because he will question why you seem to be so uncaring.

    • thank you!!!

    • You're welcome. Let me know if you need a motivational pep talk

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  • Well if that is what he is going to talk about.. so be it.. you can probably find better and sometimes you do not even have to look very far. there are lots of guys out there that treat a women the way they want to be treated and just like the queens they are.. I am one of those guys.. take care now

  • yeah but that 1% might not be what you expected, so just go with a clear head.

    • When I'm with him he seems really into me, but I had sex with him on the second date and now he's most likely going to dump me

    • you still dont know what he's going to do. and so what if he dumps you? thats his choice and he is free to make it. he isn't obligated to stay with you forever.

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  • keep it cool like you're fine with it.. don't let him see you cry.. do it when you get home..

    • I cried all day today (at home) because I know it's gonna happen.. He'll never know how upset he made me

    • well it is what it is.. so only thing you can do is make a choice how you're gonna handle it

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