How to ask out a girl at my school I don't know?

Several months ago during the first week of High School I walked by a group that had a friend I haven't talked to in a while and there was this extremely attractive girl there. I introduced myself to her but she's extremley quiet so there wasn't really any conversation. A few months ago I followed her on Instagram and saw she was a really talented artist just like me and so I DM'd her and had a convo about art. She wasn't at all stand-offish but wasn't super into it either which I'm guessing is because she gets comments and messages from guys all the damn time.

I can't tell at all if she likes me or not but I want to ask her out anyway, I just don't know how, since she doesn't have any of my classes. I've only had two convos with this girl, both on insta. So how should I ask this girl out? Should I find her and go up to her in person or just DM her and ask her to hang out? Would that not appear as un-confident? Also what would I say to her?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I think you should ask her out when she is alone, personally I would want a guy to ask me out face to face.

    Just say hey how are you and she'll respond.

    Then say I was wondering if you would want to hang out sometime, out of school.


What Guys Said 2

  • Just be prepared for disappointment in yourself from fucking up how you ask her.

    But do it anyway.

  • chose neutral situation when she is alone, approach, ask her out.

    • that's what I was going to do, just say something simple like "I wanted to see if you want to do something sometime"?
      but should I say anything before? Reason I ask is because I've only had two DM's with this girl, not an in person conversation and I'm also not well known at school, so she barely knows me

    • it's now about how u know eath other that only makes things easier because she doesn't have early prejudices on you. don't say to much, your mission just ask out. something like """Hi, how are you? -hi, I'm ok how are you? -good to know me too, maybe u wanna go out with me somewhere? -sure why not? -well, I will be free at evening, can u give me your number so I can call u?"""" eazy and predicted talk shouldn't be hard.

    • *it's NOT about how"

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