Does this mean he likes me?

This kid I've known for five or so years, but literally haven't talked to since 7th grade, just asked me on a date a few days ago. It will be both of our first dates. I used to like him, a long time ago back in 7th grade when we were friends, and then he found out. He stopped talking to me. I thought he hated me because he has literally never talked to me up until now, three years later. He talks to a lot of girls, and is good friends with a lot of girls, excluding me, so I think it's pretty peculiar that he randomly asked me out, of all people. I dont even consider us friends. not to mention this date is a big popular formal dance, very similar to prom, and he did the whole cute prom-posal and everything. A few of my friends said he had been asking them beforehand if I have a boyfriend or not, and told them he wanted to ask me to this dance and that he thought I was really nice and kind. Its super awkward that he's been saying all these things since we never talk, unless he actually has a crush on me. But I need help deciding. Maybe he just wants to be friends. We texted about our plans a little and he did say he didn't want me to be nervous and that it will be a good opportunity to make new friends. I dont know what to think and how to act around him so please give your opinions!


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  • I say give him a chance! Unless you plan on asking someone else to the dance. It doesn't mean you have to be in a relationship with him.


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