Should the age of consent rule stop people?

I've known people who have been in relationships that have broken the age of consent rule and I'm just wondering what you guys think about it. I'm usually talking about an older guy and younger girl relationship. How old do you think is too old for a girl under 18? Do you think that true love shouldn't see age as a boundary?


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  • I don't think that age and true love have anything to do with each other, but what you are referring to as a "consent rule" is a statutory rape law that is in place to try to protect children from sexual predators. While age should not be a boundary for true love, as you put it. Under age needs to be a boundary for sexual activity.

    • Well, I agree, but more precisely, lawmen need a tool to prosecute creeps, It's not as if they are going to bust up a healthy relationship even if it does fall afoul of what is written in the local books.

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  • Well, these laws are put in place to protect younger kids from creeps, so if everyone is behaving themselves and being a good sport, no one will have any reason to worry about the letter of the law. if it's a relationship you have to hide from your parents, then there's something not quite right to begin with, nevermind what the local laws are.

  • true love should not worry about age. one reason we have age of consent laws is that young people seem to have a very difficult time distinguishing between true love and a creepy predator.

  • The age of consent laws are a good thing to have. Teenage girls hear from all kinds of sources that they're "so mature," and this misconception is exactly what makes them so vulnerable. They have a need to be viewed as grown-ups and their subsequent eagerness to "prove themselves" is something that is easily exploited by a predator.

  • first thing 18 years old is legal in most states,would I date someone that young ''no'' first thing if your under 18 and if you were my daughter dating an older man say 28-40 or older I'd be freaking out on you. don't even think about it,your just asking for problems down the line,date someone closer to your age not old enough to be your dad. think long and hard.

  • I think that age should be a boundry when one of the people is a child. If an older guy is dating a younger girl but they are both adults then its all good. However, if an older guy is having sex with a girl under 18 it's mor eof taking advantage than dating in my opinion. I would set a boundry of 17f-20m and 16f-18m. But if the girl is 18 then the guy could be like 33. Just my thoughts.


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