Who else hasn't been or has gone over 6 years without a serious relationship?

My last two exes, reaaaaaalllly hurt me. Bad. Clearly, cause I have been single for SIX years. I've tried to date a couple of guys, but they didn't last for various reasons. I've come pretty far being single, and the types of guys I was into 2 years ago, I would NEVER date now. I think I still have issues, but damn, I'm lonely lol. I still think I have more work on myself to do, to be honest. My past was pretty messed up. Anyway, I wanna see if anyone can relate? Thanks


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  • Casually date. Flexing that muscle will help you grow personally & it doesn't mean you have to enter into a serious relationship. Get coffee, have lunch, go on hikes... think of it as making friends. (i bet you end up falling for someone)


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