Am I cheating on my boyfriend?

Okay so I'm going to try and make this as short as possible but I want to add the important details, well my boyfriend and I were fighting all last week it's a long story but some girl that was supposed to be my friend, started telling people that my boyfriend liked her & that she liked him. And she was flirting with him behind my back...

and I confronted him about it, & he got mad at me and he started ignoring him because I accused him of cheating & I actually accused him of cheating before this happened, but I honestly do trust him now. And we are very happy and we like each other a lot and we worked everything out. And I told my
so called friend to back off, and to quit flirting with him and to leave him alone bc he is my boyfriend. And she hasn't even said one word to him since...

but during the time when we were fighting, I started to find this guy who is new who moved to our school very very attractive. I am not emotionally attracted to him but I think he is physically attractive. And he looks at me a lot during English class. And I kind of look back...

I haven't flirted with him or anything & I won't bc I have a boyfriend. I basically like him physically, but I do like my boyfriend physically & emotionally and I think we are a good couple. And I wouldn't do anything stupid such as flirting to mess things up. Although I have done stupid things but I won't anymore and I have learned from my mistakes.

I feel really guilty, I feel like I am cheating but I haven't done anything. Am I cheating? Am I a bad person?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Looking isn't cheating. ''Although I have done stupid things but I won't anymore and I have learned from my mistakes.''

    What have you done?

    • The stupid things I did were when I accused him of cheating.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Nope. You are not cheating. I have a boyfriend, but I still think Captain America is freaking hot. ;)

    • It's that shield, the way a man handles his shield says a lot about the man.

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What Guys Said 2

  • The way you have worded it.. in my view it is not cheating in any sense of the word.. he looks appealing to you and that is all

  • You didn't do anything, how is that cheating? Your boyfriend didn't even cheat.

    • Well I am afraid of becoming a cheater bc I promised myself that I would never cheat. And something like this worries me.

    • Awesome profile pic, I literally just turned that game off.

What Girls Said 1

  • If you have to ask that question then you are feeling Guilty about something.

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