Does this make me a pathetic girl?

This guy seems like he's kinda into me recently and we've known each other for years but haven't really talked since middle school. I used to like him a lot back then, and then I kinda hated him for two years because he got pretty arrogant. Then he became a little nicer and I was just OK with him. But all of the sudden he has been especially kind to me and has asked me to go on a date with him. I find myself thinking about him constantly and I think i might even have a little crush on him again, which normally, I'd be alright with. But this chick once told me I was pathetic because I fell for any boy who gave me attention. Is this a bad thing that just because he's been nice to me, I start to feel for him again? Am I pathetic and just "falling" for him because he's given me attention? Maybe I never actually got over my little crush in middle school?


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  • Not it's not pathetic... I think if you call him 20 times before he calls you.. that can seem pathetic.


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  • It's normal to feel attracted to someone who gives you attention. If you like him, then go out with him. That chick was being an asshole.


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