Girls, Do nice guys have any chance at love?

Because it seems to me that the only way to get a woman is to treat her like a dog. I hope this is not true. Ladies any thoughts


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  • My exboyfriend was a jerk who had no empathy. My current boyfriend is a good guy who is nice and treats me like a princess. My past experience only makes me value him more. There is hope for you.

    • So you don't see being nice and good as weak. Thank you for your input : )

    • No he is a stronger person for being a good man :) best wishes!

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  • no it's not true. don't ever be brainwashed into thinking something so stupid.

    • Well the reason I thought that is because when I'm nice and respectful I lose. When I'm a bad boy I lose even more. I can't win in the love game.

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    • disagree all u want. there's the advice. take it or leave it.

    • I will take it thank you. : )

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