Should a friend of mine tell a girl at the gym that I like her?

there's this girl at my college gym that I go to. I think she's really pretty and I've caught her starring at me both at the gym and at the school cafeteria. However, im too chicken to go up and talk to her, mainly because I dont wanna come up as a creep at the gym. My friend said he could go up to her for me and tell her that I like her? Is this a good idea? Or
what should I do with this situation?
  • Talk to her myself
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  • Have friend do it for me
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  • Dont talk to her at all
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What Girls Said 2

  • Unless your friend is really good at taking, it'll just be a turnoff for her that you couldn't talk to her yourself.

    Just start small. Make contact. Next time you see her looking at you, wave. Then next time you're in proximity, say hi. You can do it.

    • I don't know about waving lol but the rest sounds pretty reasonable. Thanks

  • HAHAHA No.
    Do it yourself.

    • Its at the gym, how?

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    • Exactly why I ask this question. Thats why im asking if I do, how exactly?

    • But your question wasn't 'should I approach a girl at the gym', it was ' should my friend approach her for me' - as if you have no mouth, no legs and no brains of your own... o. O
      I don't recommend approaching a girl at the gym at all. But before the gym - before anyone starts working out - maybe. The way you approach anyone. There's no science to this.

What Guys Said 1

  • Talk to her yourself, there's no need for your friend to do it. The gym is a little different atmosphere so keep it short with her as she probably doesn't want to take too much of a break depending on how hard she's working out but get familiar with her and ask for her number

    • Yeah your totally right. Thanks bro

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    • I try to stay open but it's all small talk. I'm going to bed I've been up late with this blog lol

    • Its all about keeping the conversation going. Good luck dude

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