Found this here True or not?

Found this here True or not?

  • hell true... nice guys got crushed
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  • no... humble guys do date hot chicks
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Okay. take look at the polls... totally opposite... so any clear idea?
Okay not its fucking tie


Most Helpful Girl

  • Of course! The business world is cruel and people actually cannibalize others to get to where they are. No vulnerability should be shown.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It appears many girls "want" the nice guy, but when a nice guy does talk to a girl she'll put him in the friend zone most times, it's happened to most guys who tried acting nice to a girl. Girls are attracted to dominate males, not dicks but men who stand there ground and don't come at there every beckoning call.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I love LOVE A humble man. I will notice the humble guy way before the jerk.

    • actions speak louder than words, i always said that i dont want a girl who is so feminine nad wears makeup and dresses and stuff, then i dated girls who didn't wore makeup, dresses and thought they were one of the dudes, that changed my whole perspective and now i dig girly girls who embrace their femininity, so my point is what we say is irrelevant what we do is what really matters, yes you will notice the humble guy but when dating the cocky guy who gets what he wants is what attracts you, dating is just one place where being humble doesn't being results and it applies to a lot of other places... basically to be humble and succesfull you must posses something everyone values.

      P. s; by humble here i mean the kind of guys who are weak or get walked all over not the confident tough kind who dont show off but will screw you up if you mess with them ,

    • @CoolSky01 hmmmm. Too each their own. Yes, i agree on the part where action speaks louder then words. I Don't like men that are tough... it's a turn off for me. I just want a normal dude who is kind and gentle.. Whom also is down to earth. That is all :) I respect your opinion though. And can get where you are coming from!

    • i guess life always changes and sure there are exceptions to any rule there is never a 100% of something so some girls are bound to like gentle, humble and soft guys and thats good it gives everyone an opportunity in life so thats great, i like to think of myself as humble i dont show off or anything and i know people like that who have money but dont show off, but on the other hand they are not to be messed with cause they are ready to start fight , being cocky is honestly very annoying for lots of people but lots of girls fall for it so guys think its okay.

What Guys Said 3

  • Be humble to those that deserve it, and you'll gain from.

  • Humble shy guys get crushed.

    Humble confident guys are just late bloomers.

  • For most it's true, but there's always exceptions to a rule.


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