Met a girl online we seem to be a very good match for each other, she's pretty, seems sweet all that?

she tells me how she wants me to be there with her to cuddle and stuff and all this other stuff about how we will meet one day and blah blah blah, anyways she seems really interested in me and we talked on the phone for over 4 hours the other night its been over a week of text and phones calls, tonight i said we need to meet soon (since the interest was there and all this), she then sent this shocked emoticon, she mentioned she is concerned she will be to quiet and shy around me in a previous conversation, she's shared lots personal details with me, we litterally live in the same town. She basically shut down when i brought it up and wouldn't answer, either something is seriosuly wrong with this girl or she is just using me for some kind of ego boost or likes the attenion or something. Hell she even told me where she works, i don't get it at all.. Any advice would be great.
She messaged me this morning with a somewhat cryptic message: "There's a few things i should probably tell you. No, im not a man." that was around 8 this morning i have not heard from her since then.


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  • Ask her to Skype and if she really likes you she'll take the necessary steps to meeting you.
    I was the same way when I met my now fiance online.
    I was hesitant about personal informational and I am incredibly shy.
    Skype lets you know if she is who she says she is and it helps her to be more comfortable with you.

    • Its funny you mentioned that i was trying to get her to Skype tonight but she said it was to much of a pain to setup her account on her phone it was asking her a bunch of questions and she didn't want to go through the effort to get it setup, but she had no problem sending me snapchats several times. Just really odd behavior.

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    • I try to stay neutral most of the time, but things sometime get the best of me, thank you for your time and advise.

    • No problem! I hope she agrees to meet you soon and I wish you guys the best.

  • Probably as its only been a week still. Let her suggest it when she's ready


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