Is she uninterested?

Hello, I went on a first date last week on a Tuesday I think and I felt really attracted to her however I do not know if she felt the same. I thought that she was receptive, and react positively but it might be out of politeness.

Then, on Saturday I told her if she wants to go out and she replied that she already got plans to go to the mountains. Yesterday, I've asked her out another time and told her if she wants to go for a drink she replied "tonight I can't".

Does it mean that she's not interested and that I should move on or am I overthinking it?

Thank you.

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Kindly provide as much honest opinions as possible, because I would like to know what I should do from now and on. Thank you
I badly need your help, please someone tell me what you think. I've become depressed about this situation.


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  • if you like her then try again n again

    • Thank you for your feedback

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  • She could just be busy


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