Are girls who get along better with guys better as girlfriends or worse?

Girls who are more like one of the guys and get along better with men, do they make good girlfriends? Why? And why not? Share your experiences please.
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  • As long as she doesn't sleep with her "guy friends" they typically make way better gfs. They understand guys better, are far less likely to get upset over bs, actually enjoy spending time with guys, so they typically aren't as high maintenance. They get as much satisfaction just chillin with their boyfriend, as most women do on an all out romantic evening. Not saying she doesn't want romance, just she doesn't need it all the time. One of the reasons they typically dont get along with girls as well is they are not as into drama and mind games as most women, huge plus.


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  • If a girl gets along better with guys than another, she is more likely to be LESS judgmental/argumentative... from my experience.


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