The girls that treat guys bad, are the ones who happen to be physicaly attractive to most men, which is why most guys complain about them?

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True or false: The girls that treat guys bad, are the ones who happen to be attractive to most men, which is why most guys complain about them. Men are visual and most men will pursue an attractive woman, but since these attractive women have shitty personalities of course guys will pursue them because they will not date a woman they are not attracted to.
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  • Some do, some don't. I also know some megabitches and superdouches who aren't attractive.

    People seem to have higher expectations for... or more precisely, want more from good looking people, though. I'm average, but my best friend is very pretty. People (especially guys) often think she's stuck up for not being warm and engaging when they approach, when actually she's just quite introverted. I've actually heard guys belittle her meanly (usually drunk) after she turned them down politely, which, of course, makes her dread potential interaction even more.

    • Wow that's a great logical explanation. I agree I think that people expect more from attractive people. I get told I'm attractive and I am socially awkward myself and I have met some men who get upset when I turn them down

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  • I think there are girls who aren't very nice who are ugly, and girls who aren't very nice who are hot.

    Everyone just ignores them if they're ugly.

    If they're hot and nice, they probably are locked down by someone.

    But hot and bitchy, they're moving from guy to guy.

  • I can see some truth in this. An increased level of attractiveness leads to more attention from every one else, which in turn leads to an inflated ego, which leads to bad selfish behavior and that in turn leads to others complaining.

    • Didn't you just call me bitter?

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    • You replied twice after I did not reply lmao

    • I stated how I would go search for that opinion. But I came back to state how I couldn't find it. Nothing to lol about that.

  • in my opinion Hot girls don't really treat guys bad. They do ofc reject the avg/below avg guys.
    And then those guys go home and cry poor me and write poems about how nice guys finish last.

  • Is anyone in a relationship with someone they DON'T find attractive at all? I think there's always a level of physical attraction. You must have a very specific, and stereotyped idea of beauty in mind for this question.

    • No I do not. It's just a question. Stop assuming things about me

      I never said a person who is in a relationship with someone does NOT find them attractive

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    • Only an idiot thinks a simple question is a debate

    • Lmao you butthurt and your defense is its a debate. I was telling you a fact and you still refuse to learn to read :)

  • I would say it that is probably generally true, but not always. It is not always just the most attractive who treat guys badly and some attractive girls do actually have good personalities

  • I voted false because just because they're physically attractive doesn't mean their personality is irrelevant. If they're obnoxious, I'm not interested in them either way.

    • But men see looks first so if you approach her it's not going to be her personality you see

    • Just because a girl is attractive doesn't mean I become completely stupid, lol.

  • More often than not, so it is mostly true.

    Which is why life is ridiculous and laws are corrupt, everything could actually be tied to the focul point and theme of your question.

  • I've found that the prettiest girls are the nicest. It's the average and below average girls that are the snarkiest/shittiest. That's my experience.

  • its true.

    but we have to understand the reality of hot chicks. they never experience scarcity as average and below average girls go through.

    hot chicks do this to test a mans strength... to see how he reacts... they are more about filtering than chasing because theyre always being chased.

    aboutt 3 percent of the male populous are educated and mentally strong enough to take them on.

    you also have to be ready to walk away dealing with these types of women because more hot chicks are crazy and full of baggage than average chicks. theyre also more likely to be sexually abused and go through bad experiences as men want to use them for sex and often leave them after realising they are shit lovers.

    you haave to play your cards right and be ready to walk away with these women.

    • some are good to you after you win their hearts but some are like children. just take take take and everything about her becomes blah... and annoying.

      speaking from experience.**

    • I'm a straight girl so I never had to deal with dating women

  • Fuck


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