Am I being played?

I met this guy via an online site. He texted called me every day for about a week before we met up. While on the date, he attempted to kiss me on my neck/mouth, but I moved away. I still continued with the date and later on while on the date he eventually succeeded in kissing me... he then kept insisting to come to my home, he lives in the bay area and drove 2hrs to meet me, I refused and went home, but we ended up meeting up again that same night and spooning.. etc. No sex though. next day, he text me that he wants to be friends "good friends" and I'm a nice person. A month goes by with no word from him. So, I texted him a question, which was, "what did he want" (I asked him that on our date and he only smiled and said that was a good question but never actually answered the question)... he replied to the text, saying "nothing". I didn't respond to that text and went on about my normal routine. The next day after, at 1am he calls me saying, I love you, I want to get married and have kids... I thought about you every day... I was asleep when he called me, I didn't respond well because I thought he was playing, and he hasn't contacted me since. I'm not sure if he was serious and my response turned him off or if that was a game? FYI he is from Turkey not America so I don't know if that could have anything to do with it too. Please guys, help me solve this puzzle, it's bugging me.


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  • No idea about his true intentions and I do not know many Turkish men so I cannot say whether his actions are normal. However it does sound like you are getting played or that he only talks to you when he needs you.

  • Not being rude her or nothing, but it sounds to me.. like he wants sex from you and is willing to spoon feed you anything he thinks you may want to hear to make that deal happen.. go with your gut feeling on this one.. I do hope my opinion is wrong.. but I have seen this in the past from other guys who pulled the same garbage to a women friend of mine.. she fell for it.. and gave into sex with this guy.

    On that first time with him.. he wore no protection and she ended up pregnant.. then soon as the loser guy found out he was the father.. he was gone faster then a speeding bullet.. those types of guys that do that.. are very low and think they are gods gift to women but yet will not ever really step up to the plate if and when they should.. take care and I really hope all works out for you


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  • THIS guy! IS A BIG NOPE! just nope! Don't give him the time of day!

    • I really appreciate your response, but can you help me to understand what is coming across as a red flag for you? Please impart some wisdom on me because I seriously don't date and he was my first date. I want understand what I was dealing with so I don't make the same mistake with anyone else.

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    • Thank you so much. I'm moving on, I guess I was blinded by attraction... which is lame but I was. I needed outside input. I texted him and told him not to contact me anymore.

    • Yeah your welcome and your not the only one! (: I would use gag if that ever happen to me! lol

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